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    We conducted a feasibility study of your products or ideas to define strategies to optimize their development process


    • Background Search
    • Standards and Patent Search
    • Breakdown Advantages and Disadvantages
    • Study of improvement specifications
    • Study Regulations and Patents affected
    • Analysis of the technical characteristics
    • Analysis of influential internal and external factors
    • Analysis and breakdown of components

    We manage, manufacture and assemble supporting new rapid manufacturing technologies and digitized as 3D printing.


    • File Treatment and 3D Modeling
    • Scanning and Digitization
    • Manufacture:
      • Additive Manufacturing Processes
        • FDM
        • SLA
        • SLA
      • Conventional manufacturing processes
        • Laser cut
        • Hot Wire EDM
        • Lathe
        • Fres
      • Silicone molds
      • Thermoforming and extrusion

    We design and simulate your ideas using CAD-CAM tools 3D


    • Concept Design
    • Detail design
    • Static simulation (FEM)
    • Dynamic simulation
    • Thermal Simulation (FEM)
    • Management tests for validation

    We optimize your product by selecting manufacturing processes and suitable materials, advising you in managing your production, production feasibility study and risk assessment.


    • Planimetry
    • Materials Selection Process
    • Selection Process Manufacturing
    • Production feasibility study
    • Estimated Risk Detection
    • Documentation and technical reports

    Commercial and noncommercial as well as a wide range of consumables


    • Custom Mounting
      • Delta Sirius
    • Commercial
      • Airwolf Sirius 3D, Makerbot, 3dison, Tumaker, BCN3D, JTF 3D (JTF), Witbox 2 (BQ), Crystal (ZEUS)

    Tagged as we develop, implement and calibrate machines in the production process of your labeling.

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    We provide services for technical assistance for their assemblies, assemblies, calibration and commissioning of 3D printers and labeling machines.


    • Periodic reviews
    • Equipment maintenance
    • Repairs
    • Calibration and Commissioning
    • Upgrade Equipment
    • Process improvements
    • Materials
    • Parts

    We develop training courses and specialized workshops for both businesses and individuals design, 3D modeling and 3D printing technologies

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